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50 years of innovation! Since 1970 the employees of the Mitjavila group have been keen to put innovation at the center of their concerns and are also sensitive to the environment. Knowing how to meet the demand for durable and repairable products is a challenge that we are taking up brilliantly again this year! The arrival of the new Clever Arm (BSRC Balcony Arm or BMF Awning Arm) is proof of this.

Complete disassembly

In January 2019, we presented the eco-designed BMF arm on our website created in 2016. As shown in the video on Youtube entitled “Tuto Démontage Bras BMF – Mitjavila”, this BMF arm could be partially disassembled, to access the spring for example. Today the design office has gone even further in the repairability of the product by proposing to reduce the need for glue and thus allow all the parts of our BMF arm to be removed. These parts are now joined by screws.


Bras Clever Démonté

Clever arm disassembled (spare parts and production tools kept for 10 years)

Can be dismantled in minutes Discover on our Youtube channel the video of the different steps “How to dismantle the Clever arm?” “. Disassembly of the arm is done with very few tools, a cruciform screwdriver and Allen wrenches. Note, however, that the removal of an arm is to be carried out by an awning professional. In particular, it is essential to keep the arm folded before removing it from the brackets.

This new arm will equip many models of awnings and balcony awnings from the Mitjavila range. If you are an awning professional and Mitjavila customer, get in touch with your contact person to find out more.

You are not yet a customer and you are hesitating between a Mitjavila awning or that of another manufacturer? Offering repairable models can make a big difference to the buyer. This is now the case in the household appliance sector for example, see the article on the last barometer published in France. The buyer is guaranteed to invest in a durable awning whose spare parts will be available for years and which can be repaired.

Consumers now have various platforms such as published by ADEME in which they can find information and addresses of organisms offering repairs to objects.

Our spare parts and production tools (molds, etc.) are kept for 10 years.

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