Photovoltaic structures

Take advantage of the sun’s free and renewable energy thanks to our range of photovoltaic structures. Solar radiation is transformed into electricity through photovoltaic cells integrated into the panels. Installed on buildings or on the ground, our systems make it possible to operate even large areas such as agricultural buildings. Why not use the roof of your awning to produce energy? In addition to the solar and weather protection provided by your awning, equipping it with photovoltaic panels is an effective solution for producing your own electricity.

Pergola solaire Mitjavila

Solar C Pergola

  • Stand-alone generation (self-sufficient).
  • Autonomous energy production thanks to photovoltaic panels.
  • Connection to the electrical grid of the house to reduce consumption during the day or for resale.
  • Ideal for charging electric vehicles.
  • Retractable multi-purpose awnings: carports, terrace and garden.
  • Easily adaptable tilt thanks to the upper and lower swivel profiles.
  • Structure adapted to the framed panels.
  • Perfectly adapts to traditional or modern architecture.

Our solar pergola allows total or partial self-consumption.

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Installation on a wall:
5° to 15°
2 or 3 feet
Pre-frame slats:
from 35 to 50mm

Snow Load tables Eurocode 1 : Carte_Solaire_Eurocode1_Mitjavila.pdf (803 ko)

See also our two-incline freestanding Retractable awning in the fixed pergolas section

Autonomous solar kit

Standalone installation, for garden with limited electric autonomy. Quick installation, simple, secure connection

Solar shade

Ideal for installation on openings in a private or commercial building. Installation on the top of the opening (French window), Modular.

The solar awning is ideal to take the step towards self consumption.

landscape installation only
Orientation :
20° fixed
Framed panels :
from 35 to 50 mm

Curtain wall

Ideal for the installation of frontage walls for architect type buildings. Installation on a tubular square frame
40 x 40mm minimum. Panels in landscape installation only

slats :

Series 40mm

System for flat roofs or industrial flat roofs. Economical, allows coverage of large areas.
Installation on a flat roof or flat surface on the ground. Adjustable inclination from 0 to 60°. Portrait style panels recommended

Distance between spans:
Inclination :
0 to 60°
Framed panels :
35 to 50mm
wall and ceiling

Multi-purpose system

System for flat or industrial roofs.
Economical, allows coverage of large areas.

Distance between spans:
Pre-framed panels :
35 to 50mm

System 95

Complete integrated system 95 framed for industrial or agricultural buildings. Easy installation, up to 7m
Landscape or Portrait installation. Cable ducting

2,00 max entre pannes

System 105 – 105M

Complete integrated system 105 framed for industrial or agricultural buildings. Easy installation, up to 28m
Landscape or Portrait installation. Cable ducting

2,50 max entre pannes

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