Studies and design

In order to respond to changing lifestyles and with a constant concern for innovation, the Mitjavila group has a design office
(8 employees, 6 CAD workstations, 3D printers etc.) working together to design new products.
All year round, since 1970 Mitjavila Group’s design office carries out and monitors projects before and during their implementation.

Thanks to CAD and prototyping computer tools, design is faster and remains faithful throughout the process.
Our innovations are patented in order to protect our know-how.
Innovation and always a project to work on is part of the Mitjavila group’s DNA.

Unique creation




Because environmental protection and the fight against waste are part of our concerns. Since 2016 Mitjavila has been in line with the principles of the loi Hamon, namely: designing products that respect sustainable development.
We are committed to ensuring the durability and “reparability” of our products. They are designed to be more easily repairable, dismountable and above all entirely recyclable. Mitjavila is committed to the environment.

Creation of prototypes before production

(3D modeling)

Use of the latest technologies

software (Cao-DAO etc.)

Significant investments in R&D

Wide range of products

(several patents per year, more than 150 products referenced)

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