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In numerous ways the Mitjavila group is devoted to the global environmental approach. Whether in the design of a new product, the renewal of the line or in its production, the group is committed to the environment.

Eco-design: sustainable and repairable products

Awareness of the ecological emergency has created new challenges. The future draft-law on the campaign against waste and the circular economy, that should pass on July 10, 2019 in the Council of Ministers, will put eco-design in the forefront.

A commitment from conception

Our design office is constantly improving the repairability of our products to take into account environmental concerns. Designing products that can be dismantled and repaired has been a requirement for our affiliates for many years now. Each new project incorporates a systematic eco-design approach, a process that was only carried out by 20% of French companies in 2010. Mitjavila is one of these companies that is committed to the environment.

Logo écoconception

Readily accessible parts

Previously when an awning arm worn or broken, it was difficult or impossible to repair it. The cables and the springs are not repairable on arms: we should be able to change them. For the old awning arms, it was necessary to replace the pair. Consequence: additional waste for the environment. This is no longer the case today with the awnings produced at Mitjavila.


The various parts of the awnings designed by our teams can be changed to repair the awning and extend its life (see video).

As shown in the BMF arm disassembly and reassembly video on our YouTube channel, it becomes easy to change the spring of a Mitjavila awning arm when it is worn.

Easier to repair

Our pledge to the environment focuses on the repairability of our products so that our customers can easily dismantle our awnings to change any of the components. The buyer then benefits from a product designed to last over time and whose cost is less, when it is repaired. A win-win process for the environment.


Eclate store 136 démontable

Our environmental commitment does not stop there, we include recycling within our stages of production.

Recycling within production

It is important to point out that aluminum is 100% recyclable without any degradation of its properties and that recycling requires little energy. Nicknamed also the green metal it allows, while remaining accessible, to protect the environment.

Recycling of our scrap aluminum

Logo Recyclage aluminium

Aluminum is the main component of our products. We recycle all waste and scrap generated during the extrusion and foundry process. We are thus part of the short path of logic for recycling aluminum with a low carbon footprint. A clear commitment to the environment.

We also collect section cuts produced by the assembly by sending them to specialized foundries. They come back to us in the form of billets that we reuse.


Billettes d'aluminium stockées
Carton déchets profilés et profilés compactés

Recycling cardboard and plastics

Mitjavila is also devoted to the environment with the recycling of certain plastics and of course all the boxes that are sent for recycling. The implementation of these recycling processes, whether internal or external, as well as the production of green energy, are now well established in our group.

Green energy production

To complete our environmental commitment, Mitjavila is part of a green energy production initiative.

With our experience in the production of photovoltaic structures (canopy, solar pergola, carport …), our company has taken the step and placed solar panels on part of the roofs of the group.


These are more than 2000m2 of solar panels that produce several thousand kWh per year. Green energy produced that benefits everyone.


Panneaux solaires Bâtiment Mitjavila

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