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Today more than ever, consumers are looking to buy products that last in time but above all are repairable.

Since our origin at Mitjavila, longevity and quality are indeed the key words when designing and manufacturing our products. Thus, Mitjavila did not have to take a 180 ° turn to comply with the principles enacted in 2014 by the law that is now called the Hamon Law. The momentum has simply continued with the creation in 2016 of our retractable arm model that can be repaired: the BMF arm.

We offer on our YouTube channel two videos « tutorial » on the assembly and disassembly of this arm in our dedicated playlist. Whereas previously it was necessary to throw away the arm if one of the parts of the mechanism was to break prematurely, or wear out, today, it is possible to replace the damaged or worn part.

Our Research and Development department is engaged in eco-design to provide our customers and end users with reliable, repairable products and the associated spare parts. In a society where, programmed obsolescence is the norm, unlike the unscrupulous methods of some manufacturers, we commit ourselves on a daily basis to ensure that our products are the most easily repairable and that their life is extended. A company committed to sustainable development is a company that is resolutely future-oriented.

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