How to softly block the sun's rays on your terrace ?

Aluminum pergolas with retractable fabric

You are considering installing a fabric sun protection for your patio. The retractable fabric pergola caught your eye because it offers complete and removable protection. The pergola awning is also a great compromise if you wish to maintain the authenticity of canvas sun protection.

The major advantage of a retractable canvas pergola is the ability to retract the fabric to enjoy a completely clear view of the sky and take advantage of the sun’s rays when they are not too hot. Unlike a pergola with adjustable slats, the fabric must be rolled up in the event of bad weather to preserve it and ensure it lasts over time.

Our fabric retractable systems provide effective protection from the sun because the fabric supplied is available in a range of quality with exterior textiles combining performance and design.

Discover our aluminum pergolas and fabric pergolas that can be attached to you facade or installed as a free standing ‘island’ pergola.

Retractable fabric pergola

Pergola awning

Fabric freestanding shelter

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