Aluminum Extrusion

Our extrusion press in Pierrefitte Nestalas (France) is suitable for all types of extruded projects for very long lengths.

What is extrusion? This is a thermo-mechanical manufacturing process. Under stress, a compressed material passes through a die shaped in the desired profile. A long product can therefore consistently be obtained and cut to the size desired by the customer. The result obtained on the cooling and stretching table can be tubular or solid.

A billet, a compressed and full cylinder, heated to at least 500° is placed in a hollow container and pushed so that it becomes what is called a “profile”.

This process, which is essential know-how in the manufacture of our products, is shown in the video opposite.

Cutting and mechanization of extruded parts

The extrusion of profiles also makes it possible to cut many extruded parts thanks to mechanization.
An often economical solution for many manufactured products. In addition, the parts have excellent surface finishes.

Mechanization is coupled with numerous tests at the end of the extrusion process to avoid deformations. All of this is part of our quality approach throughout the manufacturing process.


For our Aluminum profiles

Our new Aluminum alloy contains more silicon, more iron, more copper and magnesium, which gives it +25% more flexibility than the old classic alloy.
This solution is best suited for the use of long profile lengths, such as load bars, cassettes and maxi arms.

In this way, our factory can satisfy our customers’ requests in a satisfactory way.

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