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A change in mentalities

Today’s consumers are looking for more durable; sustainable products. We notice this with the flourishing French websites such as or the European site ‘Longtime’ by Ethikis. Mentalities are evolving in France and around the world, towards the abolition of everything disposable and the idea of planned obsolescence.

A conduct towards a repairability and durability

When a product has its lifespan deliberately reduced by its manufacturer for the sole purpose of pushing the consumer to replace it with a new one, this practice is called planned obsolescence. The French government is committed to extending the lifespan of products with its roadmap on the circular economy. If electronics and appliances are in the crosshairs of decision makers, this measure will most certainly extend to all products. The repairability model set up is calculated according to 10 criteria corresponding to a score out of 10 which must be affixed to the product. A working group will be in charge of reporting its conclusions at the end of 2020 (French article in Challenges: What will happen to the planned obsolescence in 2020?) (Qu’adviendra-t-il de l’obsolescence programmée en 2020 ?)

Mitjavila, a major player in sun protection for over 50 years, did not wait for this tendency to make repairable and durable products. Our customers know that by installing our products they will be able to find spare parts for many years after installation. From design to assembly, great care is taken in the manufacturing of our aluminum products.

Availability of spare parts

Our range of product is sustainable. We are convinced that a quality product must be repairable. Our spare parts are available for at least 10 years. We are fighting against the obsolescence of these high value aluminum products. We are proud to be able to offer, through our network of resellers, the possibility of ordering the spare part for your awning or pergola.

Robustness and reliability are part of our company’s DNA. In line with the eco-design of our products and the roadmap for the circular economy (Companies: better production and better waste management), our teams are also working to reduce the waste linked to production, in particular packaging plastics.

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