The achievements

Lucía adjustable pergola

Ideal in this region where it is better to have a protected terrace to enjoy the off-season, the Lucía adjustable pergola protects from the sun and bad weather with optimum quality. Its light but sturdy aluminum structure allow a quick and easy installation on this wooden deck.

The orientation of the slats up to 90 ° regulates the light and air flow. The small size of the 105mm posts guarantees a preserved space under the pergola, an advantage for small spaces.

Installed by Lopes Pub (09)

Pergola Horizon I

The owners of this house had a terrace facing south that was partly sheltered by an elegant roof overhang with imposing pillars. In order to take full advantage of it in all its width, it was missing some coverage. This has been achieved on a small budget thanks to this Horizon I pergola with manual drive which fits perfectly in the architecture of this building. Anchored to the wall on two sides, its prominence modernizes the whole.

Installed by Espitalier Olivier (11)

Pergola Horizon I

In Palau del Vidre, France; there is a retired school house transformed in to a restaurant (l’ancienne école)where guests are bathed in a warm marriage of aluminum pergolas elegantly integrated with the ancient stones of the old school. Thanks to the horizontality offered by the Horizon 1 pergola, the different modules have been equipped with glass panels giving the area privacy and warmth. These glazed panels allow an immersion in the abundant surrounding bamboos that are intensely lit from the ground. On cooler evenings, the patio is equipped with infrared heaters increasing the ambiance of this unique dinning area.

Installed by Menuiseries du lac (66)

Pergola Horizon I

The Horizon 1 single-wall extrusion pergola (H150 in Canada) offers sun protection to this small-sized terrace where it will be good to get together for a barbecue in summer. The lacquering of the profiles and slats was chosen very dark (black) to perfectly match the outdoor fixtures and the hand rail to the terrace.

The horizontal roof (90 ° angle) and the slats with a mechanism operated by crank allow the regulation of the ¬ partial or total solar luminous flux (bioclimatic). Modular, this product can cover larger areas.

By Kamstra Awnings (Niagara, Canada)

Pergola Horizon II

More than anywhere else in Saint Martin we want to enjoy the outdoors while having a way to protect yourself from the sun. The owner of the Turquoze and Topaze villas (see the site of the villas for rent in Saint Martin) which majestically overlook the Baie Orientale did not skimp on their terrace equipment. Two Horizon II pergolas with adjustable slats were installed on the terraces to take advantage of islands for relaxation and comfort sheltered from the elements.

Installation carried out by Ideal Protect (Saint Martin)

Pergola bioclimatique fermée Horizon 2 Mitjavila

Pergola Horizon II

On this very exposed terrace, it was impossible to stay there due to a lack of shade. Rather than using a classic awning, the owner of this house opted for the installation of a Horizon II pergola from Mitjavila. Effective both in case of rain and under the sun’s rays, this pergola has allowed its owner to rediscover with undisguised joy the advantages of having a terrace on his garden next to the house.

Installation by Celeiro do Móvel (Portugal)

Pergola Horizon III

In a region where you only enjoy your terrace a few months of the year when it is not covered, installing a bioclimatic pergola allows you to enjoy your terrace in all seasons. Here, this white pergola horizon III parallel slats , reminiscent of the elements of the wall, blends perfectly into its surroundings and invites you to relax in this corner of greenery.

Installation carried out by SARL GUERREIRO FRERES  (63)

Pergola Horizon III

The choice of the owner was focused on a Horizon III Pergola with perpendicular white louvers. The anthracite structure is reminiscent of the slate roof and blends perfectly with the aluminum railing of the terrace. For a terrace facing east or west, as here, it is preferable the louvers be perpendicular to the facade. This benefits the user from the first rays of the morning sun while protecting from summer heat.

Installation by F&I Concept le store  (Melesse 35)

Pergola with fabric

Full speed ahead or not this fabric pergola adds character to this house. Backed by the wall, the fabric pergola effectively protects the bay window and the terrace. With roller awnings on three sides, the low rays at sunrise or sunset are blocked. These roller awnings also make it possible to block a light breeze that would guests would find cool.

With its white color, the pergola blends easily with the wall and roof of the house. Its lines in perspective offer a beautiful contrast with the surrounding gardens.

Installation carried out by SEP PONS  (12)

Installation carried out by SEP PONS  (12)

Store Pergola 135

When the fabric of the Pergola 135 awning is deployed the terrace gains in privacy and is equally protected from the afternoon sun. Thanks to a semitransparent screen fabric, there is no feeling of confinement and allows us to continue to enjoy the view of the garden.

The sleek design of the Pergola 135 as compared to an aluminum pergola gives the whole an impression of lightness. The awning is nonetheless robust and protective.

Installation by Mr Stores Niort Habitat  (Chauray 79)

Classic Poly-top Pergola

In Brittany, where it is just as important to protect yourself from the sun as from an unexpected shower, the owner of this house has opted for a classic polytop pergola with polycarbonate panel to cover his terrace.

Sitting on the terrace, the guests are also protected from the wind by a fabric stretched over the gable. An additional advantage for comfort on windy days

Installation carried out by Solutions Solaires (56)

Horizon 3 Polytop pergola

In the Rennes region in Brittany, it is well known that it is sunny several times a day …

So, sun or rain, protecting your driveway and your car is essential to unload the groceries in a sheltered space, for example. A carport is then ideal! Open on the sides and less expensive than the permanent extension of a garage, the Horizon 3 Polytop pergola offers a contemporary design. The choice of Thermotop panels guarantees better heat and sound insulation. The design of the Horizon 3 Polytop allows for a carport of 6.26m by 5.00m which leaves the possibility of covering large and long vehicles.

Installation carried out by Solutions Solaires (56)

Pergola Poly-top Horizon III

In Carnac, Brittany, no less than three poly-top Horizon III pergolas have been installed on the hotel terrace. From now on guests will be able to enjoy this new lounge, which is an invitation to relax.

With the 32mm Thermotop® panels the sound of rain will be reduced and to protect from the cold, even in winter, four heaters complete this installation.

Installation carried out by Solutions Solaires (56)

Pergola Poly-top Rétractable

Nothing is more pleasant than enjoying the sun’s rays on the terrace in autumn. Unexpected rain? Once deployed, the panels of the retractable Polytop pergola, made of polycarbonate, allows homeowners to protect their garden living room and to prolong its use. Custom made and adapted to the terrace, the pergola adds a touch of character to this house.

Installation by Fenêtres & Isolation Le Store (Mélesse 35)

Monobloc 505 awning

Installing a square bar awning with an arm bracket is ideal for large widths such as this magnificent terrace. This awning is resistant in accordance with the European standard EN13561 and can be easily mounted thanks to its multiple supports.

An awning with a cassette, the monobloc 505 is excellent when installed on a ceiling under a balcony as in this case or under slab (in apartment) or under a roof eave (in the case of a house). The awning fabric is protected by the overhang, so it is not necessary to have a cassette to protect the fabric.

An installation that protects you from the sun and the heat on this south-facing terrace.

Installation by ORILON Rivesaltes (66)

Monobloc 5000 awning

For very large widths, the monobloc 5000 is an awning that offers a very large projection. It allows catering professionals, for example, to offer their customers a terrace protected from the sun.

Here, the café de la Tour has opted for the Monobloc 5000 awning, which offers resistance in compliance with the European standard EN13561. Wind resistance and mechanical endurance will allow customers to enjoy beautiful sunny days for many years to come.

Installed by WYSOL Insulation 56 (Valves)

Monobloc 1440

All the bay windows of this villa in the heart of Provence have been topped with 1440 Monobloc awnings, each fitted with an optional protective hood cover. This sun protection limits thermal gain indoors and provides welcome shade on the huge terrace. The white lacquering of the frames match perfectly with the other white exterior finishing’s and contrasts elegantly with the red of the fabric. Here the Monobloc 1440 awning wall installation but may also be fixed in the ceiling or, if necessary under a balcony or eaves for example. Robust and economical, these patio awnings can be equipped with a gear or motorized according to your needs.

Installation by Menuiserie / Miroiterie ASBF (Saint Maximim)

Conservatory awnings

In office buildings or shopping malls in Hong Kong it is common to offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy outdoor light through large skylights. This is the case in this building where the skylights have been equipped with classic conservatory awnings to regulate the light.

A major project for our blinds, which can of course be used in more traditional verandas.

Installation by Ladden Engineering Limited (Hong Kong)

Claustra for pergola

Made of high quality extruded aluminum slats, the custom-made sunscreen is a major asset in a region where the frequent wind can be icy cold. The claustra enhances the bioclimatic pergola to allow the creation of a closed space when necessary. It adds elegance to this bioclimatic pergola.

Manual opening by means of a simple handle with a lock makes it easy to choose the desired inclination of the blades for more or less privacy.

Installation carried out by SEP PONS  (12)

Cassette 125

Although surrounded by greenery, this terrace is very exposed to the sun and the heat. Pleasant in the late season, it was an oven in summer. To take advantage of their garden furniture, the owners therefore opted for the installation of a budget-friendly awning. With its undyed fabric and white frame, the awning ensures a discreet result in keeping with the ocher-beige terrace and the stone wall.

The cassette awning 125 adapts perfectly to small terraces because it is very compact when closed. Thanks to a possible of pitch of up to 80 degrees, it is also ideal for a balcony.

Installation carried out by Lopes pub (09)

Cassette 135

This 135 cassette awning is ceiling mounted to protect the entire terrace and is available in manual or motorized versions. The owners of this house in Brittany opted for the manual version. Gearbox and crank make it possible to deploy the very natural themed striped fabric, inspiring a spring like atmosphere. The cassette awning 135 is positioned under the white eaves, the cassette has been chosen in white to perfectly match the facade of the house.

The 135 awning offers resistance according to the new European standard EN13561: 2015. Its durable structure will provide protection from the sun for many years and reduce the heat in the adjoining room on hot summer days.

Installation carried out by Solutions solaires (Bretagne 56)

Cassette 136

The manager of this decoration and interior/exterior design shop wanted to protect the objects he displayed in the window from the harmful rays of the sun and to dress up his wall. He chose to install a Horizon 2 swivel pergola and a 136 cassette. It is also a good way to display products yet protect them from the sun that can be installed at home.

The extruded aluminum mounting brackets of the 136 cassette make for a simple and quick installation of the blind in the wall. The arms can be adjusted thanks to a pivot joint. Its cheeks hide all the hardware used to assemble the cassette and give it an impeccable appearance.

Installation by Talento Uniko Decor (Odivelas, Portugal)

Vélum 6000

In Montreal on this terrace it is good to taste the small grilled dishes on the barbecue. Everyone sits comfortably in the rain or scorching sun. This structure, usually visible on restaurant terraces, is a valuable ally in any season for a large garden terrace. Once the canvas is rolled up you can enjoy the rays of the sun. It is true that the sun on the terrace is streaked because of the horizontal tubes. For a total absence of tubing, a majestic fabric pergola will do the trick.

This awning offers a large protective surface, maximum projection of 6 meters and a width of 3 meters. If necessary, a third central beam can be extended up to 6 meters in width (2×3).

Realization Montreal (Canada)

Vertical awning with side guides

These two carbets, wooden shelters without walls typical of Amerindian cultures, are now equipped with vertical awnings with side guides allowing people to stay there even in the event of minor bad weather (wind, scattered rain).
These structures are ideal for setting up a hammock to rest outdoors in the shade. Simply raise or lower the vertical awning with side guides to choose the desired level of privacy.

Vertical awnings with side guides are also very effective for partitioning terraces and thus dining away from prying eyes, rays of the setting sun or protecting yourself from the breeze.

Installation carried out by RollingSun (Saint Martin).

Cassette 105

The ” La Terrasse” on Isle Adam acquired several Horizon pergolas to cover its large terrace overlooking the Oise River. Now, thanks to the swivel slats, customers can enjoy the outdoors.

To complete the sun protection and to face the bad weather, these pergolas have been equipped with Cassette 105swith transparent fabric to continue to enjoy the banks of the Oise even when it is not hot.

Easy to maintain and elegant, these vertical blinds will protect the customers of this restaurant for many years to come.

Cassette 260

For this large terrace with a dining area and a relaxation area, an awning that covered a large area was required. With its sober and elegant design, the Cassette 260  perfectly decorates the wall and offers a cocooning space to guests.

The protection of the fabric once wrapped in the closed cassette is optimal. Here the LED lighting strip option integrated in the cassette allows you to stay on this terrace until the end of the night.

Resistance according to European standard EN13561:2015

Installed by F&I Concept Le Store (35).

Cassette 280

This single-story house has a very large terrace offering a beautiful space to receive and relax outside. The owners have chosen to have a very large projection awning installed: the Cassette 280 .

With its all-aluminum cassette effectively protecting the light-colored fabric, this awning protects the entire terrace when the sun is at its zenith. The RAL chosen for the color of the profiles matches perfectly with the woodwork and the white wall of the house.

Installed by WYSOL Insulation 56 (Valves)

Retractable awning 265

To protect its large terrace, the “Los Arcos” bar-restaurant chose to install three double pitch 265 in a row. Fixed to the ground, the retractable awnings 265 offer a large area of sun protection (26m2 each maximum). Thanks to the mantling it indicates the opening hours and acts as its sign.

Their fabric unfolds symmetrically on either side of the winding tube, which gives them great stability.

Installation by Toldos Herrán (Cantabría, Spain)

Retractable awning 265

In Canada, the owners of this residence have installed two shelters 265 on their two large terraces to have shaded areas. At the edge of the pool we like to enjoy the sun for sunbathing but having a shady island is just as nice to protect against the harmful rays of the sun. The Terrace Cover 265 fully fulfills this role without encumbering floor space.

Installation by KR Solar (Canada)

Awnings with straight arms, guides or rails

Showing the colors of your business on the streets of a city remains a must. The facade of this agency Allianz did not stand out with only the blue sign on the ground floor.

Thanks to the installation of awnings from the straight, drop arm category on all windows we notice the building as it stands out. The blue canvas is reminiscent of the colors of company with the addition of the logo on the valence.

Installation by Sweet Decor  (Berck sur mer, 62)

Screening Fence

The privacy screening fence is ideal for windy regions. It lets air flow through and allows you see outside without being seen. Made of aluminum, the profiles and posts of the fence are very easy to maintain. For this house, the owners have opted for the anthracite gray color and thus have a sober and modern appearance. Easy to install, the fence was positioned all along the perimeter wall of the house. Installation at an angle is not a problem.

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