Pergola Top Lucia with sandwich panels  Nouveau

Expand your home with the fixed pergola named Pergola Top-Lucia!

Carport un abri de voiture aluminium et thermotop

The Top Lucia aluminum pergola is the “little sister” of the new Top H3, the horizontal design of these two pergolas gives them an undeniable contemporary appearance. The inclination of the panels in the structure allows rainwater to drain to the front gutter and then to the posts. With 105mm posts, the Pergola Top Lucia has a finer herringbone structure still offering a width of up to 4.80 meters between feet. Do you want a width of 6 meters? More comfortable for the realization of a carport, opt for its big sister, the Pergola Top H3.

Ideal for a protected driveway, a garden shed in free standing configuration or for a medium-sized carport, the Top-Lucia Pergola also offers thermal and phonic comfort in the event of rain thanks to the sandwich panels. Made in France at the Rivesaltes factory (Pyrénées-Orientales).

Pergola fixed with panels

Making a patio shelter, a protected free-standing island in your garden or even installing a carport in the driveway is easy thanks to this aluminum pergola compatible with 32mm thick panels. Isotoit® sheets are available in two standard versions, the two sides white or anthracite for the exterior and white for the interior to maintain the brightness and the impression of space. Less common colors can be ordered for the panels on quotation from our supplier. For a retractable version, see the retractable polytop pergola.

Easy assembly with clip!

Thanks to our clip-on panel locking profile system, assembly is easy. The profile is clipped onto the rafter throughout its length. Clipped from bottom to top, the panels are locked for total safety in the event of gusts of wind. The new wall profile allows the panels to be fitted together at the top for direct sealing. No more need for an additional profile with bracket, screws and cover. Everything is easy. Equivalent evolution on the new Top Horizon 3 model.

A 90° structure with inclined panels

All coverings for horizontal pergolas adapt to the 90° structure of the Pergola Top Lucia (105mm model). The inclination of the panels is kept within the structure. Thus, you can put a vertical blind on the side of your pergola to gain privacy or protect yourself from the grazing rays of the sun. For a carport, an aluminum fence, for example, guarantees protection against prying eyes or bad weather. The Kit 105 option allows you to hide all the automation and connections of your pergola. Finally, a selection of RAL colors allows elegant combinations between the lacquered aluminum structure, the trim or the facade of the house.

Easier panel assembly

Profil mural permettant emboitement plaques
Installation is made easier by using only one wall profile instead of 4 on the old system. The plates are nested in the profile with U-shaped notch before being clipped along the entire length.

Clip the locking profiles of the panels.

Clip profilé
Interlocking from the bottom to the top for better resistance to the wind gusts which can rush under the Top-Lucia pergola.

Pied pergola 105mm

105mm PA29 footing

Support de fixation ST38 140mm

ST38 floor mounting plate (140 mm)

ST3802 support de fixation
ST3802 mounting bracket (170 mm)

Platine de fixation pied îlot

Floor anchoring support free-standing/island installation ST4509 (140 mm)

Panel width
up to 1m20
Maximum width 3 feet
7m max (6 panels)
Maximum advance
4 m
Isotoit® thickness
Panel color
White (on both sides), Anthracite and white inside or other colors on request
Complete LED lighting kit
optional (1 or 3 sides)
Kit 105
optional (wall box for connections and automation)
Fabriqué en France
Aluminium Recyclage

Top-Lucia in brief!

  • Weather protection
  • Plate assembly by interlocking
  • Plate width up to 1.20 m
  • Inclination of the plates in the structure
  • Side cladding optional
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I needed an open carport less expensive than a garage to park my car in the driveway!

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