How to enhance a pergola or enclose a loggia?

Options for pergolas and enclosures

You have been seduced by our aluminum pergola? Did you know that it can be equipped with vertical blinds or sliding glass? The pergola offers an oasis of shade and coolness in hot weather, but also protects against bad weather. Depending on the direction of the sun, you can have drop curtains on one side, on several or on all sides. There are various options for enhancing your pergola.

Installing a sun shade for a pergola in the form of the Claustra or Zip screen also has the advantage of protecting the grazing rays of the sun while gaining in privacy.

The pergola has an undeniable advantage: a rigid and solid structure that allows it to be left outdoors all year round! So, to extend the off season use of your terrace or even to create a winter garden, sliding glass, screens and Crystal awnings are perfect. You are free to choose the accessories that inspire you the most, but always base yourself on the advantages of each solution according to your configuration in order to have a pergola that is both pleasant to live in and pleasant to see.

Discover our entire selection adapted to our systems of pergolas but also adaptable to other configurations as well.

Verre coulissant pour pergola


Screen ZIP

Vertical zip crystal

Sliding glasses

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