Aluminum breeze view

Embellishing your home also means embellishing it via an aluminum fence

Clôture Brise vue

The aluminum breeze view fence that we offer – we are an aluminum system manufacturer – is designed to facilitate installation and to last over time without maintenance. This privacy fence allows different arrangements on the same system of aluminum posts. The privacy louvers fitted to the system provide blackout from the outside (you cannot be seen in your garden or on your terrace). However, you can have a bird’s eye view of the outside. In addition, the breeze-view aluminum fence lets the wind pass, which is essential in certain windy regions to prevent damage.

Find peace in your garden thanks to the aluminum breeze view fence.

Arrangement of slats according to your tastes

The slats of the aluminum fence panels can be mixed and affixed in different ways for contemporary designs. The polyester lacquer coating applied to the aluminum in our factory allows the panel to retain its strength over time. Its appearance is resistant to corrosion. You can arrange the louvers according to your tastes and constraints on the same post system.

Quick and easy installation

Cemented on an existing concrete wall or on the ground with aluminum posts, you choose the most suitable installation method to enclose your property with the privacy slats. Quick and easy installation. Seen from the street, the slats give the appearance of a solid fence like a palisade. Its privacy slats nonetheless respect urban planning rules prohibiting completely blackout panels.

A real windscreen seen as a windbreak

The louver function of this model of slats allows a carpentry project adapting to angled and sloping ground. Ideal for windy areas✱, no visibility from the outside. Another advantage, unlike PVC or wooden slat fences, maintenance is above all easy. Surrounding and protecting your habitat with our fences offers protection and peace of mind against prying eyes.


We recommend then to seal the poles in concrete

A real compromise between open slats and blackout, the CL07 slat lets air pass without being seen.

Système de clôture aluminium

Easy fence installation systems

  • Post installation (CL06) with a maximum length of 1.80m from post to post offers an elegant and contemporary design to your aluminum privacy fence. Quick 3-step installation.
  • Installation on a concrete pillar is possible with the CL09 aluminum profile. It is thus possible to renovate a fence with existing concrete pillars using aluminum slats.
    Montage de clôture sur pilier béton existantCL09 support de fixation cloture
  • The surface mounting, or offset installation allows you to install the fence to an existing wall using the same CL06 post with the ST54 wall bracket.Pose clôture en applique

CL07 slats, maximum length 1.80m from post to post. 135 louvers as standard with possible custom options.

ST36 support de fixation poteau

Part ST36 is the footing support for the post of our aluminum breeze-view fence or RANCH model.

Available RAL
RAL 7016 ANTHRACITE Laquage téflonné, RAL 9010 blanc, RAL 1015, RAL...
Slats length CL07
180 mm
On a concrete pillar or offset installation
100% aluminium
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See in french. Retrouvez le communiqué de presse en version PDF sur notre système de clôture dans la rubrique presse de notre site internet.

Parution dans la revue Paysagistes N°103| Novembre – Décembre 2019 – ISSN : 2263-7990 : Dossier clôture

Clôture simple à poser paysagiste

Fabriqué en France

French made

Lacquer guaranteed for 5 years

Aluminium Recyclage

Recyclable materials

Breeze view fence in brief !

Protection from prying eyes

  • Concrete pillar or offset installation
  • Withstands gusts of wind
  • In accordance with town planning
  • Many RAL colors available
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I wanted a louvered fence with minimal louver gaps and easy to install. The wind circulates and I am calm in the face of impossible ripping out due to wind.

Arnaud L.

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You can opt for the RANCH fence from Mitjavila, same installation system. Only the louvers and the spacer are different.

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