Self-consumption with solar pergola

Reduce your electricity bill

Green energy


What is solar self-consumption?
It is the consuming of energy that you have produced yourself thereby lowering your electricity bill while producing green energy.

Self-consumption can be done in two ways:

  • Either complete self-consumption where the electricity produced is used directly on site.
  • Or partial self-consumption with resale of surplus; the electricity produced is used on site or reinjected into the public electricity distribution network. This method will allow you to receive a bonus from the government.

Our solar pergola is perfectly adapted to these two types of self-consumption.

Space and comfort

The advantages of our solar pergola

Our solar pergola allows you to create an additional living space protected from the sun. Adjoining your home, it also allows you to lower the temperature of your interior by a few degrees without using air conditioning.

To match your outdoor space as closely as possible, the solar pergola is available in two finishes, a teflon-coated anthracite RAL 7016 or glossy white RAL 9010.

Aesthetic and durable, the solar pergola adapts to all architectures.


Assembling the structure

The 100% aluminum structure of our solar pergola has been specially designed to incorporate solar panels.

The slope of the solar pergola can be adjusted from 5 to 15° on site thanks to the tilting profiles.

The easy assembly of the solar pergola avoids any contact with the roof. It is custom-made depending on the space available and the number of panels.


Electrical connection

All our panels and inverters are equipped with clip-on connections and allow serial connection of the micro inverters to your power supply*.

*Subject to the compliance of your electrical installation.

Eco-friendly house

A wise investment

Installing solar panels on a house undeniably increases its value. Buyers are willing to pay more for a house that produces its own green energy. If you also opt for a solar pergola that will dress your exterior by saving you additional m2, this is a considerable asset.

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