Mitjavila manufactures visors to fight COVID-19

Mitjavila fabrique des visières face au covid-19

Faced with the pandemic Mitjavila has decided to act thanks to its production tool in Portugal. On a voluntary basis, employees make visors for the services that continue to produce and work during this epidemic period. Production started with 3000 visors. 3,000 visors donated to private social solidarity institutions and other entities in the municipality of Oliveira de Azeméis in Portugal, but more than 10,000 visors are now being produced. The objective is to produce the maximum number of visors to equip the maximum number of people and to export them.

As orders poured in from day to day, it was no longer viable to donate these visors completely, so only the raw materials are invoiced. Mitjavila thus allows a large part of exposed personnel to protect themselves against the coronavirus.

Watch the video of our manager Louis Bastos ‘interview in Mitjavila Portugal for Azemeis’

To sum up, a sentence: “We have reached 10,000 (visors), we are helping 10,000 people”

Miséricordia Oliveira de Azemeis

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